Football is my favorite thing to do. If i’m not play football I’m ethier in trouble, watching football, or playing a game football game.Football is away for me to release all my agression out on another person, and get in trouble for it. The best feeling is when you light someone up,or lay the wood (knock them on their butt). It is also fun to spend time with your friends aftr school, and on the week ends.

              Music is another of my favorite things. I love to just close my eyes, and listen to my music. I also like to sing the songs with my friends. My favorite type of music is Pop/Rap. The music calms me down sometimes, or can pump me up for a football game. Ethier way music is one of of of my favorite things.

              My Phone is my last favorite thing. I have an iPhone so I can download apps to play for entertainment. I can download music. I can even download books. I also use a lot of my  time texting my friends with my phone. i text a little too much , but all in all i have time for my homework.

 These are my favorite things to do. I did not use a website gather my iformation, I used my brain.

My Family

I have one brother, two dogs, and mom, and a dad. My brother’s name is Ethan, he plays football, and baseball. He is sometimes very annoying, but he’s still my brother, so I’m just going to have to live with him. My mom’s name is Hui-tze it is pronounced Weetsa and rhymes with pizza. She works for Macy’s as a system developer. My dad’s name is Jeff and he is a chef and my coach in several sports. My two dogs buzz and Rex are weiner dogs. They’re getting old, 12 in human years which makes them 86 or something in dog years. This is my Family we don’t always get along, but in the end we’re one big happy family.

How Do We Know What The Earth’s Interior Looks Like When We Can’t See It

                  My answer was technology. Tecnology is a great thing. It can help us see many things. There is a device called a seismograph that measures sesmic waves.

                  If we know where the waves travel we can tell where different layers are, based on whether it is a soild or a liquid. Then we can seperate the layers, because we know that if there is a solid layer than a liquid one we know they’re different layers.

After School Activities

I play football after school. I have to get my homework done as soon as I get home. I don’t have time for anything. My littlle brother’s practice starts before mine, and sometimes I have to go with him which makes doing homework even harder. So I always have to pay attention in class, because I don’t have any time to ask my parents because there probably as tired as me after practice. Football will always be my favorite sport, and the most fun time of the  day for me.

My Digital Footprint

A digital footprint is a track of pictures, and personal information of you online. Like an email account, or a site for a sports team you’re on.

Email is probably the biggest footprint  have. I don’t use it very often, but I use it more than signing up for stuff. I also don’t have a facebook, so I don’t post pictures about my self. My mom’s facbook is also another thing, my mom usually posts pictures of my brother and I. I am also part of a sports team that has a website that im on. The good thing is you have to be a member of the site to see our picture and stuff.

That’s my digital footprint. Next a  I join a site, or make an account I will be sure not to give personal information, and only fill out the required stuff.